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M. Ahmed Daoud’s facilities are located in Sixth of October City and 10th of Ramadan, on the outskirts of Cairo. We strive to provide the full-range of power solutions for any industrial purpose – if we don’t already carry the product you need, our world-class engineers can design a custom solution for you.


M. Ahmed Daoud was established as a family business in 1939, and has since evolved into a major corporation, with over 1,200 employees.


Current Strategy


M. Ahmed Daoud is currently in the midst of implementing a vertical-integration strategy, with the goal of providing complete industrial solutions to the many different markets in which we operate.


In Egypt, we are ever expanding, with 15 showrooms across the country serving as direct points-of-sale. In addition, we have 4 offices to service Business-to-Business and major project clients.


In addition to Egypt, we currently have representative offices in three other markets: Kuwait (since 1960’s), China (since 2000), and the UAE (since 2010). In the UAE, in addition to a representative office in Dubai, we also own and manage a warehouse in Ras Al Khema.








As part of our vertical-integration strategy, M. Ahmed Daoud has established and acquired several companies. In 1992, we established MADICO, a leading manufacturer of 3-phase electric motors and diesel generating sets.


Then, in 2010, M. Ahmed Daoud acquired the Egyptian Arab Pump Company (EAP). EAP manufactures all types of water pumps, including suction, split case and vacuum pumps. Following the acquisition, M. Ahmed Daoud embarked on a significant investment program to turnaround the company’s performance, adding 1,000 square meters to the factory floor and installing CNC machines to increase production capacity. This combined effort has increased production by 150%, while sales have risen by over 100%. Today, EAP is proud to serve the Egyptian people by supplying the Egyptian Water Authority’s with thousands of pumps per year.


Other notable EAP contracts include the supplying pumps to the Alexandria Municipal Water Authority and Egypt’s Smart Village, a cutting-edge business park development, comprising 1.9 million square metres and hosting over 90 businesses just outside Cairo.


Finally, M. Ahmed Daoud also has a Joint venture in an electricity transformer company Egytrafo.

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