Modern-design, noiseless, high-efficiency pumps equipped with heavy duty squirrel cage motors for continuous (S1) service. The range of production for different applications is Composed of the following:


Peripheral pumps.


Self priming pumps with side channel.


Self priming centrifugal with pumps ejector.


Centrifugal horizontal & vertical multistage pumps.


Centrifugal pumps for clear water & with open impeller for dirty water.


Pumps for waste water with entrained solids & industrial applications.


Pressure boosting units.


Closed coupled submersible pumps for 5" wells.


Submersible pumps for dirty water & for waste water with entrained solids.


Submersible pumps for 4",6",8",10" & 12" wells.


Cast iron flanged centrifugal pumps.


Stainless steel flanged centrifugal pumps.


Inline close- coupled pumps.


Hydrovar frequency converters.


Variable speed electric pumps.

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