CEO Biography



Mohamed Ahmed Daoud, Chief Executive Officer 



Mohamed Ahmed Daoud was born in 1950 and began working for Ahmed Daoud & Co. in June 1971. In 1992, he led the establishment of the first MADICO Electric Motor Factory, a significant turning point in the history of the company. After the acquisition of the Egyptian Arab Pump Company (EAP) in 2010, he now serves as CEO of EAP as well. 



Mr. Mohamed is a board member of the following foundations:


  • ICMI Foundry
  • Egytrafo Transformers
  • EEC
  • Socia
  • Arafa for Investments.




Ahmed Daoud, Founder and former Chief Executive Officer 



Ahmed Daoud was born in 1916 in Cairo. He founded and served as the first CEO of Ahmed Daoud & Co., building a strong foundation for the company as it exists today. His vision and determination continue to serve as an example to the M. Ahmed Daoud team; his legacy has helped transform the company into a leading manufacturer of electric motors in the region

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